Music has been a huge interest since he was a little 5 years old boy . He had no knowledge or inspiration sources except for Eminem and 50 cent songs that he grew up on . His first step in the game was in 2012 when he downloaded FL studio and started exploring step by step , after 4 years he made a full EDM track from scratch he was having fun writing lyrics on any beat he produced. He officially decided to enter the game in 2020 when FOSSA first launched his youtube channel and uploading two tracks for On Fire, Vol. 1. In 2021 Fossa was in caught the atttention of Pas Comme Eux CEO and founder ABA , conacting him to sign up which eventually happened . This act came up with huge benefits for him as an artist having my music distributed and his channel well organized . One month after it he had the chance to perform at Tabac Roule . A month after he met up with LoopLion, a beatmaker from my local town , when they decided to make Binto. They made an other track Fosstyle being the last track of the mixtape . In 2022 they have decided to work on an album SRAD that includes Kansa , Melsen and Her that are already released.